Making Yerushalayim Happen

Municipal election time is looming, and the familiar bombardment has begun again. Try to escape the photo shopped smiles of the candidates; each posed to present the reassuring image of smart yet compassionate leadership potential? Good luck!

Regardless of whoever wins this mayoral race, each of us continues to have the golden opportunity to seek out our unique calling, and to play our exclusive role in making Yerushalyim happen. Yerushalmi society is the sum of our myriad parts. After all, our Yerushalyim isn’t just a place; it’s an attitude.

Whilst the wheels of our municipality roll from administration to administration, it is the creativity and efforts of individuals that empower our day to day lives; physical, spiritual, communal, and cyber. Enterprises such as Israel B and Fun in Jerusalem galvanize Anglo Yerushalmis to jump on the collective bandwagon. They are platforms for civic development and growth.

Rosh Chodesh Elul has activated the daily call of the Shofar; beckoning each of us to prize open our singular tool box and to identify our individual contribution towards making our Yerushalyim happen together over the coming year. The smiles and the gestures of friendship that we each generate, the activities that we participate in, and the initiatives that we engender are the pixels that coalesce to generate the picture of our Yerushalyim.

Let’s go for it!

Madelaine Black

Madelaine Black is a Creative and Marketing Consultant and copywriter.

She serves as a Board Director of Tzohar.