Pain, Pain, Go Away

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Have you seen the hills of Yerushalyim?

Have you seen them cry? Have you seen them dance?

Have you seen them cry while they dance?”

There is no better way to sum up what is unfolding today, here in Yerushalyim. Ecstasy for the Shalit family and for Jewish survival.

What greater sign could there be that Jewish values endure; in spite of our experience of the cruelest and most warped of centuries, when the forces of evil were unleashed upon the Jewish race and the multi cultural world in which we live?

What greater gift that here we are, Chol Hamoed Sukkot 2011, and that in our miraculous Jewish Homeland- which was built by a motley, cut-and-paste mosaic of European socialists, Holocaust survivors, north African refugees, and a sprinkling of religious idealists- we have built a State with a Prime Minister cognizant of Jewish thought and of Torah values, and who has boldly taken THE decision- right or wrong?

What greater day than erev Hoshana Rabba; as the Jerusalem Parade and March of the Tabernacles throng our free streets, the Simchat Beit HaShoevas sing from our Sukkot, and our raw belief in our destiny and love of our God radiate the physicality of our city. Whilst the world watches and waits in fascination as the story unravels?

he pure white light of Jewish values blazes forth against the darkness of the twisted values of the “ i ” WWW-world of the 21st century, and the backdrop of a bizarre and noxious mix of twisted human rightism and jihadist values.

One soldier. One father. One mother. One Prime Minister who lost his beloved, heroic, brother whilst he was on a mission to rescue Jewish Israeli hostages from the clutches of a jungle of evil.

One people who reclaimed the holy barrenness of Eretz Yisrael, three years after the Holocaust, and who have grown Jewish values and microchips in this parched desert land, in the midst of the forces of hate and evil.

We are experiencing a day both of tears and of laughter.

Because as much as today is a celebration of the importance of saving and celebrating a single life, our minds and our hearts are united. we are One Family of people who have lost their loved ones by those hands and warped minds of those hundreds of murderers who are being set free.

We know that you, a friend of One Family, appreciates and values our sacrifice, about which we each had no choice, and because of which we are each left with a painful, aching void that was their mother/father/brother/sister/son/daughter/friend/ lover/husband/wife/grandma/grandpa/neighbor?

And today we revisit the fear of the very real dangers of what these murderers could again perpetrate.

As Gilad’s Welcome Home party rightly engulfs the Jewish World, we are each choosing to spend our day together.

Families of those who have perished at the hands of today’s freed Palestinian prisoners, and who it is imperative you continue to reassure are not forgotten.

Today, we are witnessing the delete button being pressed on any justice that was done in response to the murder of our loved ones, at the hands of those murderous terrorists whom we will see on our screens, being lauded and welcomed home, amidst dancing in the streets.

Today, we see our own impossible dream being enacted by the Shalit family, as they welcome home Gilad.

And the permanence and emptiness of our losses are reinforced.

So today, we are at the One Family Centre, Jerusalem. The loved ones of victims of terror are gathering together, to watch the drama unfold on screen. Sharing together our pain, our grief, our anger, our sense of being forgotten, our feeling of injustice and our broken hearts.

Nobody from the Israeli Government has reached out to us since the list of prisoners to be released was publicized.

We Googled to find the website of the Israeli Prison Service, and there we had to search through an online list of 477 names which were not even in alphabetical order, to see if the murderer of our beautiful daughter Ahuva of blessed memory was there. She was a 30 year old lawyer and mother of 2.

There we saw his name. Number 127 on the list. Nizar Delize Hader Muhammed.

Today our murderer was freed. And has been be pardoned by our President. He is now home in Gaza.

Just being here together is making our load a little lighter already, and this recurring nightmare a tiny bit more digestible.

Being able to come into the warm welcome, understanding and supportive love of One Family’s professional team, who know each of us so well and who connect with each of our pain so intimately is a life saver and a gift that saves each of us from drowning in the trauma and pain of our loss.

Thank you for your support throughout our never ending journey of grief and survival.Thank you for bringing One Family into our lives, and with it, allowing the sunshine to peep out from behind the dark clouds of our bereavement.

With love from,

Dan and Yehudit Davidovicz

Bet Meir


Parents of Ahuva, of blessed memory,on 18th February 2002 at the Kissufim junction.