Saftaday/Night Fever

To be a Safta in Eretz Yisrael is an ideal, a calling, and a vital role. It comes into its own during the Hofesh HaGadol.

What do the experts and ‘ologists tell women that we truly want?

To give and to receive unconditional love.  

To be desired and needed by the beautiful people in our world.

To express our essence, uninhibitedly. 

To build life around a core, meaningful, purpose.

To be the link between our family’s shorashim and future.

To be in the moment.

In Israel we have a ridiculous gap between the number of school holidays – including two months of summer break – and the number of days that parents can take off from their jobs. 

This final week of our Hofesh HaGadol epitomizes Israel’s rich family-based society, and the devotion and energy of our Saftas.

Malls and gymborees are bursting with kid-focused intergenerational outings.

Saftas are playing ninjas and lions and Mary Poppins and ganenet.

Sharing boxes of lovingly chopped vegetables and fruits and sandwiches.

Nurturing their little people, as they walk and talk and delight in each other.

Reaching into their purses and inner resources to create priceless bonds and moments; the gold seams in our very existence.

Honoring their children by reliably filling in whilst they are at work. Making the whole experience the best that it can be.

Come the end of August we are all Safta’d out,

yet enriched and appreciative of this seasonal opportunity.

Now there is a small window of time for us to pack away the picnic boxes, and to begin to prepare for Rosh Hashanah.

Where did I store that honey?

Madelaine Black

Madelaine Black is a Creative and Marketing Consultant, copywriter, and coach. She serves as a Board Director of Tzohar.