Shorashim Forensic Investigation Mission Begins

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Our Shorashim Forensic Investigation Mission begins in Kiev tomorrow, and concludes in Odessa next Monday. Please enjoy following our journey.


Over the coming days, a group of Jewish communal leaders and friends of Tzohar will travel deep into the heart of the Ukraine to discover a world largely buried by modern Jewish history… A world of Jewish roots.

The Mission will uncover the sometimes mysterious, often clandestine, yet always critical work of the Shorashim Unit of Tzohar- a Forensics Investigation Unit that helps immigrants to Israel reclaim evidence of their Jewish lineage so that they can be embraced as fully recognized Jews according to halacha and Israeli law.

This Mission, led by Rabbi David Stav הרב דוד סתיו, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik and Racheli Fraenkel amongst others, will be both revealing and inspiring – allowing us to understand for perhaps the very first time why this work is so necessary…and so urgent. We invite you to follow the trip here. Via the online world, join us as we enter a world that was thought lost and will now be rediscovered.