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Madelaine Black @

The Jerusalem Coaching Practice

live your best life!

I believe in the power of YOU.

Whether YOU are an individual, a cause, or a business.


In 2017 I trained as a Life Coach,

completing the requirements for Coaching Basics and

Advanced Techniques in Coaching,

and I established The Jerusalem Coaching Practice.

My bespoke personal coaching service will

empower YOU to achieve your goals and to live YOUR best life.

Because your life is not a rehearsal!


I transform my clients’ “what if?” into their new reality.


My personal coaching program will

Nurture your self-discovery and self-belief that you’ve got what it takes.

Partner your journey towards fulfillment, happiness and well-being.

Inspire and motivate you to live up to your unique potential.

Galvanize you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

Transform the “what if ?” of your today

into the reality of your tomorrow.

Surely you owe it to yourself!


Enjoy your journey together with me.

Experience the benefits for your lifetime!


Call or email me for a conversation.

(++972) 052 862 8231



My clients are enriching their lives and achieving their goals after just six weekly sessions:


“You were so attentive to my needs.

You were able to give me strength and structure and all different types of elements that are definitely helping me to achieve my goals-

“To live a balanced life. To make time for the people and things I love.”


After just six weeks working together!”

RC, Jerusalem



“You have shown me that my business’s success is about my whole self-functioning at my best; happy, motivated and with variety in my life.


I am already achieving my goal –

“To live the life I love, and to regain control of my business and restore it to its former glory.”


I would like to continue having you as my business coach since you are definitely a big asset for me and my business.”

DS, UK via Skype








The coaching process is designed to help you to establish and to achieve your personal and professional goals with support and guidance.


I provide an environment of discovery.   So much of coaching is about discovery. 

This will occur in a variety of ways such as assessments, questions and venting. 

I will facilitate the process so that you can discover your true self and your true wants.


I will ask powerful and probing questions, offer different perspectives, while helping you achieve what you want most in your career and in life.


I share what I see.

I point stuff out and tell the truth as I see it.


I ask you what you need or want from me.

In order to be of greatest service, I need to know your needs and wants, understanding that my role may shift as your needs shift.  I ask you to tell me when you want a sounding board, to be held accountable or to brainstorm, for example.


I ask you to do more than you would do on your own.

You hire me because you want to move forward, even though you may sense some internal resistance. 


As an objective person in your life, I am able to see where you can go and I make direct requests that you go there. 


Your life is yours.

You are responsible for your outcomes, the speed with which you attain them and how far you stretch yourself. I will support and acknowledge your effort and work and will also let you know when I think you can do more. 


Communication is key.

I can best serve you when you keep me up to speed with new developments, changes and discoveries.  While I don’t need all the details, I am interested in you, and your information will be helpful to us both.


Everything we discuss will be confidential.

Remember, I will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.



Make your coaching sessions a priority in your life.

We are a team accomplishing more together than either of us could do alone.


You need to be prepared for every session.

Our sessions are designed to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. Feedback is encouraged. Let me know how the process is working for you.


Have fun with this process, and make sure to listen to your heart as well as your head.

Pay attention to your intuition and what your “gut” is telling you.

These responses occur for a reason.


In each session I’ll be setting you assignments to do during the coming week, so that by the time that we next meet you would have advanced further towards your goal; independent of me.

Call or email me for a conversation.

(++972) 052 862 8231

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