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You informally brief us.

We listen.

We go off and prepare a comprehensive brief for ourselves, which we present to you incorporating our perceived objectives, our Five Stage Process, our fee structure and our terms of engagement- sometimes as an external consultant, sometimes as an interim part of your organization.


Together we agree our arrangement and way forward.

Five Stage Process

Stage 1- Research

Your product/service/cause, competition, key issues (interview stakeholders, supporters, non aligned members of the target groups, competitors’ supporters.)

Stage 2- Define Objectives

Propose target positioning, definition, mission and vision, corporate priority, purpose and proposition.
Agree together.

Stage 3- Strategic Development

Propose marketing strategy and campaign creative brief.
Agree together.

Stage 4-Brand and Campaign Development

Propose campaign theme, marketing plan and budget.

We put it all on paper, visualize it, and present it to the decision makers.

Agree together the way forward, action plan and timeline.

Select and brief specialist service providers.

Stage 5 - MAKE IT HAPPEN together

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